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The design firm, organized as a limited liability company, is a partnership of three architects with an
average of 20 years of design experience who were joined by young graduates and students from
architecture school.

Uniting the experience and professionalism of seniors with the enthusiasm, daring and creativity of
the juniors, the new team, strongly motivated, wishes to offer to its customers, a quality service,
personalized, a flexible and prompt approach that answers all their requirements.

The service we offer is a complex sum of: architectural design, consulting and engineering and will
cover the following fields of activity:
• Architecture design; structure and installation
• Restoration, reshaping, refurbishment of buildings;
• Research/studies in urban planning, land development, heritage.
• Interior design;
• Project checking;
• Constructions/real estate consulting;
• Documentation for building’ permits, certificate
• Supporting the client in the relation with authorities in order to obtain the legal permits.





"Aware of the pressure exerted by the continually transforming external environment and of the harsh competition on a market of growing
investments, the organization plans to respond to the increased
exigency of its present and its potential clients, by offering high quality products, at competitive prices, by keeping its staff at a high level of
professionalism and training for satisfying its clients, by establishing  a partnership with the clients and the suppliers."


• The success of a business is built by people, for that we rely on a team of competitive flexible,
• This is the key word of any successfull business, for that the continuous growth of the people and
investmenting in performing equipments, will be our main means of action.
Mutual gain
• A partnership with our customers and suppliers is the only successfull formula in the long run.





In the design process, our main resources are: the people with their knowledge and skills.
The organization benefits of the knowledge of a highly qualified personnel, as follows:
• 5 architects, with around 20 years of experience in managing complex projects, of which:
1 expert in historic monuments rehabilitation, MCC certified expert ;
2 experienced architects in getting the financing of the projects from external funds (PHARE, WB)
2 experienced architects in supervising and implementing fundamental research studies
1 project manager (Open University degree– London)
1 experienced architects in project audit, MLPTL certified expert
• 4 young graduates – University of Architecture Ion Mincu
Auxiliary personnel: administrative, accounting, IT
The organization is in an already established partnership with highly 
qualified and experienced engineers with around 20 years of managing complex projects, as follows:
structure engineers, MLPAT certified expert, and MCC certified expert (historical monuments rehabilitation)
mechanical engineers
electrical engineers
cost engineers


• Health
• Collective and individual housing
• Office buildings
• Sports facilities
• Rehabilitation of monuments
• Cultural facilities
• Education facilities
• Buildings with social destinations
• Hotels
• Interior design
• Projects funded by the UE (Phare and World Bank)

Research/studies in construction, heritage, urban planning, land development;








Traian Street nr 187-189, 3rd floor, app. 9,  024043, Bucharest 3, ROMANIA
T (0040) 311 041 198

F (0040) 311 046 58

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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